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untitled (30 of 223)This manifesto is a quick reference to keep you on track to help you continue to work towards your freelance goals and propel your business forward.

This sole purpose of the New Stability is to:

Help freelancers reach their lifestyle, income and freedom goals by coaching them through the freelance success roadmap and identifying a solid strategy for business transformation.

I have become so passionate about the freelance business model I want to share the tips and systems that actually work for freelancers. Our businesses are different to traditional small businesses and start-ups because we generally work by our self for ourselves. When I originally considered freelancing I pushed it to the side because I didn’t understand how to actually get started and turn it into my career. I started reaching everything I could about freelance businesses the pitfalls the success stories and I learnt a lot about the common issues freelancers faced so my business could breakthrough these common road blocks. When I started my freelance business I didn’t truly understand what I now believe to be true:

Everyone has a skill set, ability or hobby they can market as a service.

I have been a freelancer for over 5 years now and it has given me the opportunity to build a business around something I love while being in
control of my lifestyle and income while giving me ultimate freedom. I believe with the right information and action plan you can build the perfect career and lifestyle to help you reach your goals. I believe freelancing is a great business model because:

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  • There is limited start-up funding required.
  • You can get started today.
  • You can work as much or as little as you like.
  • You can market a skill or hobby you enjoy.
  • You can grow your business to become a profitable income stream.
  • You can establish a career and build a business from your initial freelance service offering

To allow your freelance business to breakthrough, it is often best to select a specific niche and work on becoming a leader for your service to gain traction as you build your business. By becoming an expert, you have the ability to maximise your business potential and earning capacity. Learn how you can get started as a freelancer.