6 Essential iPhone Apps to Help Freelancers Boost

08 Dec 6 Essential iPhone Apps to Help Freelancers Boost

As a freelancer, you probably see a direct correlation between your productivity and your income. The more efficiently you work, the more you can ultimately make. While not every professional can instantly increase their earnings with a few tweaks to their work practices, many freelance professionals can do just that.

Your iPhone is an indispensable tool that can serve as a mobile office, constant connection point, and productivity perk. Use these apps to boost your productivity and increase the earning potential of your daily work activities.



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Cost: Free, with either a free or paid subscription

Freelancers need to meticulously track how they use their time. If you’re not careful, you can fall down the social media wormhole and lose hours to meaningless web surfing. Likewise, if you lose track of time spent on a vital work project, you may have trouble accurately billing your clients for your efforts.

Hubstaff offers both time and location tracking. You can also set it to track your time in relation to particular budgets or projects. This powerful app works as a personal time management tool to help you organize your day, as well as a professional application for payroll and invoicing purposes.

LastPass Password Manager


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Cost: Free

Freelancers juggle a lot of programs, connections, and log-ins. You undoubtedly have a wealth of passwords for access to everything from your professional blog to your client’s content management system. Don’t waste time trying to track down the user name and password for your latest project. Keep all your passwords stored in one handy and secure place on your smartphone, such as the iPhone 7, with LastPass Password Manager. Your iPhone 7, with its large Retina display and 12MP wide-angle camera, can then act as your complete mobile office.



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Cost: Free, with optional paid subscriptions

You never know when inspiration will strike. You may spot a flyer with a must-visit auction listed on it, a potential article topic on your favorite blog, or find interior design inspiration in a pub down the street. Evernote is designed to help you capture and organize it all.

You can scan a document, snap and annotate a photo, make notes, and schedule reminders. Evernote syncs your updates across all devices, so that you can access the information you saved on your laptop or tablet right on your iPhone. This helps you keep important details on hand everywhere you go.



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Cost: Free, with upgrade options

Trello is a powerful tool for project management and collaboration. If you’re working remotely with other freelancers, this will give you an easy and efficient way to sync your to-do lists, share notes, and compile information. Trello organizes information on topic-driven boards. Each board is populated with cards that you can drag and drop as needed to organize your thoughts, ideas, and plans. Create as many boards as you need to organize freelance projects, personal to-dos, and more.

Shake by LegalShield


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Cost: Free, with optional paid membership

Handling the legalities of freelancing is often one of the most difficult parts of the job. Shake helps you create important legal documents from smart templates in just minutes. You can sign these documents electronically and send the completed file to the other party instantly. Whether you’re looking for a binding confidentiality agreement or a basic freelance contract, this app helps you draw up the appropriate document easily on your smartphone.

Focus Aid


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Cost: $0.99

Focus Aid is almost deceptively simple. This app features a timer for your tasks and a timer for breaks. It alternates the two to help you stay focused on the job at hand. Resist the urge to drift away to other things while Focus Aid is running. You can even keep the screen awake if you want to keep an eye on the remaining minutes as they tick away to the next task. When the app offers up your scheduled break, you can wander off to address the other matters on your mind before you come back and begin the productive cycle again.

The right suite of smartphone apps can transform your freelancing efforts and help you maximize your productivity every day. Download these feature-packed picks to your phone and you’ll be working smarter, faster, and more productively in no time. You’ll never again approach your freelancing job the same way.

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