The Ups and Downs of Working From Home

06 Dec The Ups and Downs of Working From Home

When considering working from home, there are many advantages that come to mind, but many people fail to consider the disadvantages that may be faced. Not having to deal with the typical nine to five or having the pressure of a boss can seem appealing, but these same advantages can present themselves as challenges as well.

Benefits of Working from Home

1.) Save money on the typical costs of working outside of the home.

Obviously working at home can save a person money on gas it normally costs to get to and from work. Working at home also saves money it takes to purchase clothing or uniforms needed for a regular job. This includes the costs for grooming supplies, laundry expenses. Typically, when working outside of the home, a person will go through more clothing and wardrobes. Unless lunch is already taken as a sack lunch, expenses on lunch outings are also cut when working from home.

2.) Working at home is more comfortable.

Without a doubt, being in one’s own environment is much more comfortable, unless isolation is a problem for the person considering work at home. In addition to saving money on clothing, working at home allows people to wear what they want, which is not only more comfortable, but saves the extra time it takes to get ready. Another comfort factor is that some work at home positions allow a person to work at their own pace and create their own schedule.

3.) More time is available to work.

When working at home, a person saves time on getting ready to go to work, driving to and from work, going to lunch, leaving less time to work. Working at home allows a person more time to be productive. There is also less time spent on socializing with co-worker. “There are not enough hours in the day,” is a phrase understood by many, especially the working class. So many of the little things seem to be the biggest time-consumers. Time is money and when allowed more time for work, there is less time to waste on the small things.

The Downsides of Working from Home

1.) Separating your personal and professional life is a challenge.

When working out of the home, it is possible to set a schedule and it is possible to set up a specific area of the home to use for work. However, it is not always possible to prevent distractions. When working at home, it is not always possible to avoid what happens at home. And, just as easily, it is not easy to always avoid emergencies with work. When working from home, there is nothing physically separating work and home.

2.) Loneliness may be inevitable.

Although the idea of less people around may seem like a big advantage, too much loneliness and isolation can be a problem, especially for outgoing people. So, it is important to get out of the house routinely to avoid too much isolation. Again, this factor depends on specific personality types. While many people thrive on human interaction, others are more introverted and prefer solitude.

3.) Self-discipline can be a challenge

Self-management and discipline is perhaps the biggest challenge for many people who take the leap into working from home. The very advantage of no longer having a supervisor looking over a person’s shoulder is the very thing that can leave a person too much leeway to do as they please. Working at home requires commitment, determination and the ability to focus on work.


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