How to Freelance Whilst Studying Full Time

27 Oct How to Freelance Whilst Studying Full Time

Enrolling in higher education for the purposes of finding a great career is an admirable act. All too many people studying full-time find it hard to find jobs that will accommodate their busy school schedules. Even with online studying options available, you have to free up enough time to follow through with your studies. Freelance work is one great way that you can earn extra income while studying full time. What options are available to you? We’ll let you in on the best kept secrets for earning money from home.

Pin Down an Area of Expertise

There are plenty of different freelance options out there for anybody who is studying full-time. Virtually any type of online content is being sold this very minute by many different freelancers. From graphic design, translation services and blog posts to website development and videography, there are opportunities to be found. Do you have a particular skill-set already developed in one of these areas? If so, then it’ll be quite easy to begin the process of freelancing in this area. If you do not have a particular area of expertise, then you may wish to consider starting out in an area such as copywriting or building websites. As you begin to develop experience, you’ll be able to branch out if desired.

Browse Freelance Websites for Opportunities

There are dozens of different freelance portals on the web where you can find potential clients ready to pay you for services. Sites such as Fiverr and Upwork allow clients and freelancers to connect seamlessly, advertise services and ensure payment/delivery is handled professionally. It is through sites such as these that you’ll be able to gradually build up a reputation that allows you to demand higher wages and be more particular on which jobs you accept. These sites will take a small commission out of each payment, but many clients with recurring work will inevitably be willing to work with you outside of these platforms, which can save you money. Just be careful about immediately accepting jobs off-site when you have not worked with the person previously.

Familiarize Yourself with Expectations

If you are new to the world of freelancing then you might not understand the ins and outs of what clients expect. Whether you’re studying for your associates degree in biology or your master of public health, you’ll need to set aside specific blocks of time each day for your freelance responsibilities. Depending on your arrangement, you may have new jobs arriving every day with no prior notice. Certain clients will be pickier than others from the get-go: be sure to ask for all of the details for each job in advance so there is no confusion. Ideally, you’ll work through a system where there is some form of escrow or payment/delivery guarantees, but if not, then you’ll want to consider contracts for recurring business.

Anyone studying full-time can use some extra income. Freelance work is a relatively easy way to earn income from home and at your leisure. What appeals most to you about freelancing? Tell us below what gave you the idea to start something new.

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