These Collaborative Tools Will Make Your Team More Accountable

12 Oct These Collaborative Tools Will Make Your Team More Accountable

These days, everything is dematerialising. Whether it’s the money in your pocket or that pile of maps you used to have under your coffee table, technology is making things disappear. As a result, businesses are shifting their business models. There’s less need for “stuff” these days, and it’s allowing businesses to collaborate more and more over the internet. The good news is that there are powerful tools that anybody can use to supercharge their startup. The bad news is that many businesses just don’t know about them. Here we’re going to investigate some of the most exciting ways you can now collaborate with your team online.

New Platforms For Online Meetings

We’ve seen a surge in innovation in the online conferencing space over the last few years. The market is no longer dominated by Skype. Instead, there are a bunch of new players, like Zoom, making waves with new functionality. One of the most interesting additions recently has been BlueJeans. Users can join the channel from any location, over mobile, desktop app or web browser. And they can host meetings, share screens, and combine workflow elements. Perhaps the most useful tool is the ability to schedule meetings with integrated Outlook. What’s more, many of these platforms don’t require that users have all the relevant equipment. If you don’t have a microphone or a webcam, employees can still join in by phone.

Location-Based Payment Information And Multi-User Payments

At the heart of any business is the ability to get paid. But there’s more to it than just that. Businesses that want to get smart take additional steps to maximize the benefits of their payment systems. Thanks to cloud apps, getting data on payment information has never been easier. A credit card reader at one location can collect data, and then feed that to an analyst at another. That analyst can then use those data to find out more about how the business is taking money. They can also assess what customers are buying, where and at what time. What’s more, because these data are in the cloud, anybody from any location can access them. That means that your employees can analyze each other’s payment performance.

Apps That Make Sure Things Get Done

Office meetings are rapidly falling out of favor. More and more people are becoming skeptical that they offer significant value-added to businesses. Instead, they’re turning to apps that help them keep track of agendas. Take the app, Do, for instance. Employees tell the app what they want to get done and what objectives they’d like to meet. And then the app keeps all employees accountable by providing a public record of who is supposed to be doing what. The app also has extra functions that allow businesses to keep notes and to track progress. The app does it’s best to remind workers how much money their meetings cost in terms of lost hours of work. With the help of apps like Do, teams should be able to develop more clearly defined action points.

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