Avoiding The Crunch Makes You A Smarter Businessperson

01 Oct Avoiding The Crunch Makes You A Smarter Businessperson

Absolutely no-one likes the crunch. Sure, we know that motivation can come from deadlines and pressure can push you to be more productive. But rushing is bad for business. Forcing overtime and getting stressed isn’t a healthy way to run any enterprise. Every business is going to run up against these challenges at some point. But smart businesses avoid crunching as much as possible. They use the right tools and skills to keep things running as smooth and even as possible.

Track objectives and progress

One of the reasons that businesses get themselves into a panicked fuss is by not having a better look at their workflow in general. If you know nothing of the crunch, know that a better look at your objectives in real time is a good way of avoiding it. It can be as simple as setting yourself a to-do list and prioritising the different tasks. If you work as part of a team or in collaboration with another business, tools like Flow could help. That gives everyone an overview of tasks and responsibilities. You can spot where work slows, dip in and surgically fix it. It’s best to have some kind of time-frame attached to it, too.

Avoid the big accounting rushes

There are a lot of different things we need to take care of regarding our money. Payroll, invoices, taxes and so-on, so-forth. How many of us have been in a situation where we had to take a day solid to just run through that big accounting task? Set yourself a calendar to make sure you’re doing tasks in advance and in pieces to avoid those days. You should also consider whether getting help with your accounts from an outsourced expert could help. Money is one of the most oft repeated reasons for a panicked day of crunching. Stay on top of your accounting and that problem will melt away entirely.

Build a team that can

When it comes to you, personally, you’re in control of your own workload. But what about your team? Might low productivity on their end be the reason you find yourself in that rush so often? If so, consider how to make them a better team. It’s not always the fault of the people inside. Sometimes it’s the fault of the system they’re a part of. So take it apart. Using key performance indicators and systemising their jobs could yield tremendous results. Make sure they’re trained and engaged with regularly. Foster better communication within the team so they’re actually thinking about their job and their role is evolving. If people feel like they’re getting stuck in a rut, it will begin to show in their work. Motivation can often be the kick up the rear your business needs.

Crunch time is beaten by proper organisation. By tracking your goals and the pesky tasks that need to be done. Manage your time, manage your workload and learn how to prioritise. Teach your team the same. Then you’ll be seeing a lot less of that pesky crunch afterwards.

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