Case Study: How graphic designers can leverage infographs

21 Apr Case Study: How graphic designers can leverage infographs

How Infographics can improve your freelance business.

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Case Study – Josh Wardini

Freelance career to date…

Josh began as an illustrator drawing by hand at a young age. He became frustrated with how long it took to get ideas down onto paper. Josh discovered digital tools which made his production process much faster. This passion soon turned into some client work with the creation of logos, business cards and t-shirts. At this stage Josh took any work he could until he focused on freelancing as a career and charged professional fees for his time.

Why Infographs are a great opportunity for Graphic Designers

As an analytical creative, infographics seemed like a natural fit. Josh started experimenting with hand drawn infographs and realised how powerful they are to capture and retain information especially for business clients. He saw this as an opportunity to get people’s attention in such a chaotic world with information overload. Josh found it was an easy sell to clients by demonstrating the value of retaining people’s attention.

Infographics add value to a client’s marketing activities by:

Infographics have become tool powerful for content creation with their visual appeal. They are highly shareable and help clients gain traction in their market. Viewers have the ability to dive into the content or just see the visual points after a quick scan. Infographics are also a great educational tools for customers or employees.

Current Focus

Currently Josh is focused on building remote teams to create more efficient organisations. He is travelling while building 3 software products, 2 web sites and doing various freelance jobs with small teams.

Josh’s 3 Tips for Starting a Freelance Graphic Design Business

  1. Learn the business behind freelancing. It’s not enough just to be talented at your service.
  2. Learn how to manage creatives. As one person you will eventually surpass your personal client capacity.
  3. Avoid projects that aren’t inspiring when you have a large client base.You aren’t doing yourself or the client any favours by taking on work that doesn’t excite you.

See one of Josh’s infographic creations below. Learn more at 

Made by: Mister Beep

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