Helpful Business Tools for Freelancers

19 Apr Helpful Business Tools for Freelancers

We freelancers need a little bit of a leg up from time to time. We want somebody to help us work faster and more efficiently. But ultimately, we don’t want to feel out in the cold.

Fortunately for us, the world has been listening. There are now hundreds of different, interesting ways that software can make the lives of freelancers easier and better. They can even enhance your work.

So what’s out there?

Writing Tools

Freelance writing has come a long way in the last decade. Writing tools have improved enormously, just as the amount of content on the internet has exploded.

Google Docs have done their part to make writing a lot easier. Now freelancers have a free programme that allows all their work to be stored in the cloud. It means that having your hard drive corrupt on you is no longer the nightmare it used to be.

But Docs also offers a host of other benefits. Writers can collaborate in real time with customers and get feedback in real time. Document versions can also be saved, and Google allows you to save your documents in Word format, without losing any formatting.

Other writing tools that have also come a long way include Grammarly, a programme that checks the quality of your written English. And, of course, Hemingway, which helps you to write in an accessible, readable way.

Social Interaction Apps

Knowing what is it what your customers are thinking at any one time can be a tricky business. As a freelancer, you’re probably mired in a host of platforms, all with very specific apps. It’s here that social interaction apps can aid you enormously.

With the right tools, you can organise all of your social interactions from a single browser tab. This cuts down on mess and time. And it has two significant benefits.

One is that you can instantly see what your top priorities are. And two, you’re less likely to miss an opportunities for meaningful communication.

Time Management Tools

The bane of a freelancer’s life is time management. Often you take on more work than can reasonably be done in a week. And as a result, you find yourself struggling to make up time.

One way to make your life a little easier is to use apps like Helium. Helium is a simple programme that helps you do things like clear out your inbox and delegate tasks.

What’s more, you can use the programme to delegate tasks without others having to have already installed it.

Financial Tools

Freelancers often find that they have money coming in from many different sources. Some freelancers deal with just one or two big clients. But the majority have contracts with people all over the place.

This can make keeping track of one’s money quite difficult. That’s why developers have created applications like Mint that allow people to keep track of all their finances. What’s more mint is free and it allows you to keep a track of all you spending and saving decisions.

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