How to Start a Freelance Business Part 10

14 Apr How to Start a Freelance Business Part 10

Starting a Freelance Business – Part 10 Summary and the Next Steps

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Welcome to the final post in the ‘How to Start a Freelance business’ series. So what are the next steps you should take to start your freelance business?

The purpose of this post series was to give freelancers the tools they need to take the first steps towards their business goals and break away from the traditional work environment.

This post series will take you through the first steps to develop your service, identify your market and get your first clients.

Start your Freelance Business

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When I started this post series, I outlined what I wanted to include to help freelancers get started and take steps towards their freelancing goals and actually start a freelance business they can be proud of. As a freelancer you not only need to be passionate about your service you also need to be passionate about freelancing as a business opportunity. The opportunity presented by the increase in freelancing is something that I believe all self-motivated people should take advantage of.

It’s important you actively take the steps required to make consistent progress in your business. After you discover what you’re looking for in life you can create some goals around what you’re looking to achieve. I believe anyone can achieve whatever they set out to achieve as a freelancer as long as they remain motivated and dedicated to following their purpose. That’s why having a solid understanding of what is important to you can keep you focused.

If you’re like me and are driven by having career freedom freelancing is a great opportunity for you.

Get Started as a Freelancer Today

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Throughout this series I have discussed several steps to starting a freelance business the right way.

  1. Identifying your purpose and goals
  2. Identifying the right service
  3. Identifying a market for your service
  4. Identifying ideal clients for your service offering
  5. Identifying the right platform for your business
  6. Preparing your portfolio or getting testimonials
  7. Contacting your network
  8. Securing your first clients

The above list may seem like an oversimplification of the strategy to start a freelance business but it’s important to break you business plan into smaller steps. By focusing on the 8 steps above you can build a foundation for long-term business growth.

This series has taken you through the fundamentals of starting a freelance business. However hasn’t gone into depth on all the topics. If you are looking for more specific information with example prospect emails, sample explanation processes and a complete explanation of this series, be sure to check out Freelance: A step-by-step guide to starting a successful freelance business. Available 6 May. Subscribe to make sure you don’t miss out on special introductory offers.

Do you have a Freelance Business Question?

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