How to Start a Freelance Business Part 9

07 Apr How to Start a Freelance Business Part 9

Starting a Freelance Business – Part 9 Freelance FAQ

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Welcome to post nine of ten of the post series ‘How to Start a Freelance business”.

The purpose of this post series is to give freelancers thinking about starting their careers the tools they need to take the first steps towards their goals and break away from the traditional work environment.

This post series will take you through the first steps to develop your service, identify your market and get your first clients.

Freelance FAQ

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Freelance FAQ - The only podcast for freelancersWhen I started this post series, I outlined what I wanted to include to help freelancers get started and take steps towards their freelancing goals. I decided I wanted to create a Freelance FAQ post as part of the series to answer the common struggles freelancers face on a daily basis.

So I reach out to my twitter followers. If you aren’t following me on twitter, let’s connect @newstability. The feedback I got was incredible. This post was a way that I could really connect with freelancers and help the community so I decided to create an entire weekly podcast dedicated to answering common freelance questions or problems.

The aim of the Freelance FAQ podcast is to start a discussion in the freelance community to help each other get the most from our businesses.

The first episode will be released on 21 April 2016, and will start from the beginning to discuss exactly what freelancing is and what it means to be a freelancer. At this stage we have the first few episodes mapped out but if you would like to include a question. Send me an email alycej (at) or leave a comment on this post to have it included in an upcoming episode.

The first five episodes will address the following questions:

  1. What is freelancing?
  2. What should I charge?
  3. Should I market my business online or offline?
  4. Should I have a Contract?
  5. When Should I say no to a Contract?

To learn more about freelancing and to stay updated on the How to Start a Freelance Business Series please sign up to get access to the free manifesto that will act as your mantra as you grow your freelance business. If you missed part 1 be sure to give it a read.

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