How to Start a Freelance Business Part 7

24 Mar How to Start a Freelance Business Part 7

Starting a Freelance Business – Part 7 Freelance Branding

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Welcome to post seven of ten of the post series ‘How to Start a Freelance business”.

  1. Start a Freelance Business Strategy.
  2. Your Freelance Goals 
  3. Common Roadblocks and Uncovering your service
  4. A look at the Freelance Success Roadmap
  5. Finding the Right Market and Ideal Clients
  6. Find your first clients
  7. Freelance Branding
  8. Building your Freelance Process
  9. Freelancing FAQ  – comment at the bottom of the post if you would like a question included
  10. The Next Steps

The purpose of this post series is to give freelancers thinking about starting their careers the tools they need to take the first steps towards their goals and break away from the traditional work environment.

This post series will take you through the first steps to develop your service, identify your market and get your first clients.

Your Freelance Brand

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With the level of competition in the market and the need to look professional to attract the right clients, freelancers need to develop a personal and business brand. Unfortunately a lot of freelancers don’t create a solid brand for their business/ services. Your freelance brand isn’t about having the best business card or logo it is all about creating a presence that shows what you stand for as a service provider.

It is vital that your freelance brand has a consistent message across your business. As a freelancer branding doesn’t stop when a client signs a contract it continues through all phases of customer service and contact.

When building a brand I could talk about getting a good business name a great website but ultimately the most important thing is you understand your unique position in the market then the rest will follow. Before you commence your marketing and networking activities you should clearly state:

  • What is your business?
  • How your business solves a problem?
  • How it adds value to your clients?

I discussed this point in the previous post in relation to identifying the right market and clientele for your business. At this stage of your business you should understand what your unique position is and have a clear description of your business value.

Personal vs Business Branding

The common question freelancers have about their business brand is:

Should I have a business name or use my personal name to market my business?

This post series is all about starting a freelance business with a strategy for long-term success so you can expand past you being a solo freelancer at some point. This is why I would suggest branding your business with a seperate name. This allow you to create a barrier between your personal profiles and your business as well as ensure that you are only part of the brand. By nature the individual freelancer will become part of the freelance business brand but it’s not the only strategy for branding.

Benefits of Having a Business Name

  • Business names can give you the ability to brand your business professionally and demonstrate that you are a leader in the field.
  • You can often charge more as the business may seem ‘more professional’ and the perception can often be there is more than one person.
  • Business names can remove the freelancer rom being the sole brand of the business allowing you to create boundaries.
  • Business names can grow with your business. Having a business name will carry with you regardless of the size of your business. Individual name will often need to be changed at some point as your business grows past being a solo operator.

Although I would recommend having a business name you still need to market your own personal strengths as a freelancer to connect with potential clients.

Do you have a Freelance Business Question?

Freelancing FAQDon’t forget to include your Freelancing FAQ by commenting on this post at the bottom of the page or send me an email

To learn more about freelancing and to stay updated on the How to Start a Freelance Business Series please sign up to get access to the free manifesto that will act as your mantra as you grow your freelance business. If you missed part 1 be sure to give it a read.

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