Guide To Looking After Your Employees

09 Jan Guide To Looking After Your Employees

Company bosses have a responsibility to look after their employees in the workplace. Failure to do that could mean you build a bad reputation. That could result in a situation where the best workers don’t want to help you succeed. The last thing any boss needs is a team of employees who don’t enjoy their jobs. Considering that, the ultimate guide on this page should help you to turn things around. It’s easy to forget about employee welfare when you are busy working on your business. However, now is the time to make changes and let your workers know how much you value their contribution.

Obtain appropriate insurance policies

Asking people to work without adequate insurance is a terrible idea. Worse than that, it’s also illegal. Employers who haven’t purchased the right policies need to get in touch with insurance companies as soon as possible. That is the only way to make sure you are covered if someone injured themselves or one of their co-workers. There is no getting away from the fact that workplace injuries occur every day in this country. So, it’s wise to protect yourself and avoid the potential issues that might follow. Employers found without suitable insurance could face hefty fines and even criminal charges.

Pay a fair wage

Slavery was abolished years ago, and so business owners need to pay a fair wage to their team members. Workers won’t feel happy earning the minimum wage if they can see you are making an enormous profit. You need to work out a system whereby you can increase their earnings as your business progresses. While your goal is to make as much money as possible, you still need to reward the people who help you along the way. Some basic online research should highlight how rival entrepreneurs pay their staff. You should remain competitive if you want to hang onto your best team members. Otherwise, they will seek employment elsewhere.

Offer bonuses to the best workers

Some articles of this nature might suggest that you run an employee of the month scheme. We don’t think that’s a good idea because it divides your team and could cause arguments. However, you should still reward people who go above and beyond the call of duty. Maybe someone decided to stay late and help you to complete an urgent order? Perhaps one employee managed to score more contracts than any other last month? Offer them financial bonuses in their wage packet alongside gifts. Most people would feel thrilled with some theme park tickets for their family or a decent bottle of wine.

Hold weekly staff meetings

You should hold weekly staff meetings to keep employees updated with the latest advancements. Communication is essential if you want your company to grow and succeed. Those meetings are also the perfect time for workers to raise any issues. Make sure you set ten minutes aside for people to make comments and ask questions. Your employees might have noticed something important that you would otherwise have overlooked. They could also make valid complaints about things that never crossed your mind. As the boss, you need to show that you listen to your team and act on their suggestions or advice.

Improve your workplace for people with disabilities

Some employers discriminate against their workers unintentionally. Indeed, you might even discriminate during the employment process if you’re not careful. With that in mind, it’s vital that you improve your workplace for people with disabilities. The guys at say that platform lifts can make a difference for people in wheelchairs. Likewise, adding some grab rails in your bathroom should ensure everyone can keep their dignity. Again, you just need to speak to the relevant people and ask about their requirements. At the end of the day, your worker is the best person to highlight how you can help.

Hold Christmas parties

All business owners should hold Christmas parties for their team members. Those people have worked exceptionally hard to ensure you made a profit during the last twelve months. So, the least you can do is reward them with some free food and drink. You don’t have to hold the parties at your office if you haven’t got enough room. Splash out a little and book tables at a decent restaurant in town. Your employees will feel warmer towards you if you appear to care about their contribution. It’s also wise to note the dates of employee birthdays so you can send cards and buy presents.

Try to understand mental health conditions

It’s pretty safe to assume at some of your employees will suffer mental health conditions. That is because issues like depression will affect around 40% of people at some point during their lives. It’s critical that you try to remain flexible when one of your best workers becomes unwell. Perhaps you could allow them to work from home for a while? Maybe you should encourage them to book a few days holiday? Whatever you decide to do, try not to embarrass them. They probably won’t want to share the details of their condition with workmates, and so you should respect their wishes.

Implement a standard warning system

You might encounter a worker who wants to take advantage of your good nature. When that happens, it’s only right that you should hand out warnings. According to, you need to have written disciplinary rules. The main issue you face relates to unfair dismissal claims, and so you’re going to need some legal advice. By implementing a standard warning system, you can keep everything above board. Should you end up in court, the judge will make a positive decision in your favor. You can find information online about the warning systems used by other companies if you can’t afford legal guidance.
Bosses who follow the advice on this page should manage to keep their employees happy. When all’s said and done, you are making a profit from their hard work, so you need to reward them appropriately. The last thing any business owner needs is a bad reputation, and our suggestions should stop that from happening. Look after your employees, and your employees will take care of you.

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