Simple tips to help you win at investing

31 Dec Simple tips to help you win at investing

Are you looking for ways to get your money working harder for you? If so, you might have considered investing. It’s a tempting offer on the table, isn’t it? You just hand over your cash, let others do the hard work for you, and you reap the financial rewards. Sadly, it isn’t quite that simple – which is why many people consider investing a loser’s game. However, there are plenty of things that you can do to win through your investments, and we’re going to go through some of the key points today. Let’s get started right away!

Understand your limits

First of all, never risk any money you cannot afford to lose. If you need to dip into your everyday living expenses or even your primary savings account, it’s not a good place to be. Give yourself a buffer – or three – and never overstretch yourself, no matter how tempting the offer on the table. You should also think about the cost of your time. Serious investors spend hours every day pouring over facts and figures, and if you don’t have the time to do the same, you can’t expect much success.

Be sensible

Don’t just think about the money you can afford to lose – think about the types of investment you make, too. It can be easy to get carried away with a hot tip, but if you always follow these, then you are playing the loser’s game. Start small – and dull, if you like – and only start taking risks when you have the experience behind you. There are some excellent alternative opportunities for investing – click here for some suggestions. But, unless you are an expert on the subject, it’s best to avoid these until you understand what you’re dealing with.

Learn from the experts

When you think about investing, one man’s name springs to mind immediately: Warren Buffett. There are plenty like him, of course, but he is the public face of investing, whether he likes it or not. And, as with anything in life, it’s worth listening to the experienced experts when it comes to learning about anything. So, your first step is to check out our post on Warren Buffett’s ten rules of success. But don’t stop there – make it your mission to find out about the success, failures, and strategies of all the investors you can find.

Mix it up

All successful investors will tell you the same thing: make sure your portfolio is diverse. Mix up your property, stocks, bonds, and business investments so that you minimize your risk. Never put all your eggs in one basket – and that goes for industry-specific investments, too. For example, let’s say that you are into technology in a big way, and only buy shares in the tech industry. What would happen if it all collapsed tomorrow? If you have spread your money across other areas, then you will have vital protection in place to absorb your loss.

Play the long-term game

Short-term gains give you a much more visceral experience when it comes to investing, but these occur infrequently. You should play the long game as much as possible, as it will give you safer, better, and less risky returns. Get help if you need it, and research and monitor your investments as much as time allows. And, when the time comes to release your funds – enjoy them. You will deserve it!


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